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Gosch Residence

Combining Two Downtown Condos

Located on the 20th floor in the Marina district of downtown San Diego were home owners with an opportunity to combine and expand their condo by purchasing the unit next door. By doubling in size it would allow for a vacation home that would serve them and their extended family plus further take advantage of sweeping views of the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean. This brought on exciting challenges for the redesign. The clients’ wish list included an expanded and open living / dining room space with a central fireplace viewable from both spaces, 4 fully remodeled bathrooms, an expanded laundry room, new bedrooms, and all new finishes and lighting throughout. A new dry bar was added to service the dining room and tie in to the existing open kitchen. A new hallway off the dining area unifies the new and old units and allows access to the new bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry room.

Photography by Andy McRory