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Interior design

Whether your kitchen feels like it’s tired, or you need a renovation for an entire home or business – we’ll give your space a brand new life with a fresh, elegant and mindfully planned design. You can expect a smooth journey all the way from initial consultation and concepts, through schematics and space planning, construction documentation, drafting, permitting… and finally to furnishings, color specification and accessorizing.

Seeing a client’s initial frustration about their space turn into a feeling of accomplishment and contentment is what keeps us going. So don’t be shy to give us a call whenever your indoors need professional attention.

Furniture design and fabrication

Along with our unique SIMIC brand line of furniture, we custom design and manufacture furniture and other dwelling accessories. Our creations are always flawlessly functional and unmistakably elegant. We are environmentally conscious and our products are hand crafted right here in California.

We will hear your wishes, consider your needs, and tailor each detail to meet and exceed your expectations.

Architectural Elements and Exterior Design

No project is too big or too small – be it your home, office, shop or a restaurant. We’ll apply our experience and expertise to make your location become anything you desire, a notable city landmark or a cozy family retreat. Whether the project calls for wood, metal, stone, glass, acrylic, etc… we employ our distinct design language and meticulous execution to fulfill your highest expectations.

Retail display design

We’ve been developing design concepts for retail environments and retail (point of purchase) displays for over 10 years. From smaller counter top display units to larger floor stand displays and entire store build-outs… we enthrone your product in a mix of different materials, so no two projects are alike and the possibilities are virtually limitless.

For your specific needs we’ll cover all aspects of the project: initial meetings, napkin sketches, computer renderings, engineering and technical drawings, prototyping, outsourcing for manufacturing and project management. We love the process of getting to know the brand and its product, then incorporating all those bits of information into making a product glorifier (display) that tells a story, captures attention and drives sales.

It’s a mom-and-pop operation

One furniture designer married one interior designer and created Studio SIMIC.
Combining our passions for design and craftsmanship, on each of our projects we practice a healthy multi-disciplinary approach which makes us stand out in the crowded design market. Everything we do is out of love - for our trade, our two amazing kids, and each other.
We wouldn’t have it any other way.

It must be that mindset of collaboration and passion for exceptional creations why our business lives are so fruitful with accomplishment, and with so many satisfied clients.
There’s always room for more of those, so do feel free to get in touch.


Our design philosophy is deeply rooted in functionality, simplicity, and geometry. We’re fascinated with the boundless possibilities of creation that come from interplay between geometric complexity and minimalism. Intricate shapes and smart functional solutions thread a common theme through all our design concepts.

It is our founding belief that a well thought out space or object, which is stripped of all unnecessary clutter, truly changes people's lives for the better. Or as a fellow designer John Maeda said it:

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.