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Park Place High Rise Condo

Interior Design & Custom Furniture

With stunning 180 degree views of downtown San Diego, this residential condo project needed an interior space as great as its outside views. Repeat clients came to Studio SIMIC to remodel and furnish their new condo while maintaining furnishings from their previous home. The main functional problems being the existing kitchen island, the fireplace, and the arrangement of the furniture in the open living/dining areas and how they all related and worked with the open kitchen. Solutions were a newly designed kitchen island, fireplace, and built in window seating to create the most usable space and a modern clean environment. The next challenge was moving the homeowner’s furnishings over from a previous project the client/designer team had done together several years ago. Most of the client’s items were reused including furniture, art, and accessories. New items were then placed and fabricated to fit in the new space.