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City Front Transitional

Full Interior Remodel

Located in the beautiful marina district of downtown San Diego was a two bedroom, two bath, 9th floor condo unit in need of a complete remodel. The client’s goals were to achieve a somewhat traditional feeling space. Since the kitchen was open to the living space, she wanted very limited kitchen appliances in view. Inset cabinetry with traditional beading, a built in hood, and panel ready appliances helped achieve the desired feel. A complete rearrange of the living space, turning a window seat opportunity into the dining area and flipping the seating areas made much better use of the space. Fully remodeled kitchen, living room / fireplace, and two bathrooms using a blend of Carrara marble and Cielo quartzite created a beautiful and cohesive space throughout the unit. All new lighting, finishes, and furnishings throughout the home.

Photography by Andy McRory