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City Front Penthouse

Full Interior Remodel

Located in the beautiful marina district of downtown San Diego was a two bedroom, two and a half bath, penthouse condo unit in need of a complete remodel. The client’s goals were to achieve their ideal forever home in their favorite building in downtown San Diego which a contemporary minimal palette that would showcase their art collection. Being on the top floor allowed us to remove all existing ceiling soffits and locate recessed lighting throughout. It also allowed us to create a clean cohesive ceiling line using linear air diffusers and recessed ceiling pockets for hidden window shade valances. Relocating a door to one of the bedrooms where the new ovens exist allowed us to expand the kitchen out into the living space to enjoy the San Diego harbor view from the new kitchen island and to create a better flow and interaction from kitchen to living spaces. All new furnishings, finishes, cabinetry built ins, and lighting throughout the home.

Photography by Andy McRory